25 Jun

Why create a Facebook contest? Seems like a stupid idea to give something away and not get much in return. WRONG! The world of contests and mail campaigns have changed. Long gone are the days of putting a small box[...]

16 Jun

Blue Green NE Ohio Filmmaker – Forum 360 Interview Forum 360 hostĀ  David Kettlewell, ” We are always looking to highlight the area’s most talented artists, those on a path to excellence nationwide, and the show is pleasedĀ to provide area[...]

14 Jun

Today, for the most part people do not watch television commercials, with the exception of during the Super Bowl or when they are on YouTube. For most companies, it’s an impossible dream to have a Super Bowl commercial. But it’s[...]

2 Jun

Want To Be A Filmmaker? As a filmmaker you must be comfortable with others not believing in you. I have been told in the past not to quit my day job, that my work was amateur and that I was[...]

26 Apr

Want to get higher ranking in YouTube? Who doesn’t, right? It used to be that when you wanted to get your videos to rank on Google or YouTube, all that you needed to do is get tons of views. What[...]