Mobile Media Broadcasting

Broadcast Live at a low cost. You can easily broadcast events, performances, TV shows, podcasts and training, among other ways to share media directly with an audience live on YouTube or recorded for a later broadcast.

Now you can run a live broadcast using nothing but mobile technology. Yes, you can easily broadcast live to your YouTube channel or record a broadcast for a later airing date. It’s easy to use, easy to set up and it’s completely mobile. Never again will you have to lug tons of equipment around to do a multi-camera (up to 4 mobile devices) broadcast and you can either broadcast live which will also capture it for later viewing or you can also live switch your recording and it will edit the final piece for you in HD.

If you need to set up a studio for video podcasting or maybe a setup to record live music from your stage, we have you covered. If you want the ability to shoot anywhere within cellular phone range, or if you want to set up a permanent studio, we have you covered.

With the deluxe packages you will be able to control the cameras motion from your live switcher iPad. You will have the ability to set up three iPods all on tripods with wireless controlled motors. After the iPods and motors are online with the iPad, you can live switch and broadcast to YouTube or edit for a later airing. You can also run a direct output to an HDMI cable to export to a large screen for viewing.

Using the switcher is very easy to use so no matter what your skill level, you can make a professional looking video. Setup is also very simple, with a few clicks of the mobile devices you are up and ready to broadcast.

You will have the ability to broadcast live video anywhere you can get mobile phone coverage. A simple to setup hotspot will enable you to broadcast live to your YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel feed can be embedded into your website so your customers or viewers can easily find it.

We have done all of the testing, worked out all the bugs and now we are ready to unleash this idea to the world. This is an exciting time to broadcast videos, stories and ideas, our packages make it easy for you to broadcast your ideas live to the world.

We have several package deals depending on your needs to broadcast. Package deals will include not only the mobile devices but will also include tripods, microphones, lights, cables and carrying cases. Basically everything that you need to start broadcasting with no flaws or issues.

Contact us for a quote or if you have more questions.

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