Sell your videos online and make money.

Do you have an idea for a documentary film, a tutorial series or a movie that you would like to sell online, but don’t know how? Blue Green Films is a one stop shop for everything that you need to plan, shoot and edit your videos and we can set up your online selling model to easily sell your video through a website that we will create and maintain for you. Or maybe you already have a video or video series you want to sell online, but don’t know how, we can help.

I have a proven model to sell videos online and I have helped clients rank on the top pages of Google and YouTube for keywords specifically chosen to sell their videos. Independent film makers are creating documentary films and making over a million dollars a year selling their documentary films online and you can too.

How does it work? The simple answer is we draw traffic to your teaser videos on your website that will then draw them into buying the full version of your “for pay” videos online. The videos will be delivered online and you can setup how many days or hours they have to watch the video or videos. You will get 90% of the videos sales profits through a PayPal account. 10% goes to host and sell the videos online. You can charge whatever you want for the “pay per view model” depending on what your market will bear.

You can also sell DVD/BlueRays, but you will need to mail out the physical product, we do not offer those services but we can assist in helping you set up a distribution model.

Why do you need our services? It’s easy to put a video up and hope someone finds it and you may get lucky. With our services, we will set up the videos on social channels, websites and video channels to maximize your exposure and we will SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your videos to help them rank higher on the major search engines (Google and YouTube). We also know how to create short yet engaging content to help your teaser videos rank high on targeted keywords that will help sell your product. If it all sounds complicated, well it is. It takes good planning, execution, experience and follow through to make your videos sell.

We also can setup a monthly contract to monitor and post on your social media and website new and engaging content related to your online video sales to help build back links and draw quality customers to your videos. We can build a targeted email list for effective email marketing campaigns. We can create blogs to also better engage your audience and draw in potential customers to your online pay per view videos. So we truly are a one stop shop for selling and creating videos to sell online.

Is it safe? Yes, the videos will be housed by a reputable and reliable online, very popular video provider and they will also handle the billing and security issues associated with taking online sales.

Please email me with any questions that you may have.

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